Emma Barthold

Emma Barthold

Emma Barthold graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 2018 with a BS in Psychology and minor in Biology, as well as a BA in American Indian and Indigenous Studies. She currently works as an associate for a clinical research organization and hopes to continue pursuing education in neuroscience. Outside of work, she enjoys attending synagogue, writing poetry, acting, making jewelry, and studying languages.

Blog Posts

Silhouette of Girl Eating from a Spoon

If You Have an Eating Disorder, You're Not Alone

Emma Barthold

The new year, with its onslaught of messages about “improving” our bodies, can be especially hard for people with eating disorders.

Isabella Robbins, Brixton Lieberman, Anna Eckert & Daniel Delgado

Yes, You *Can* Be Native and Jewish

Emma Barthold

Native Jews are not “divided” between two cultures but expanded by them.

Blurry Flowers

We Can't Go Back to "Normal"

Emma Barthold

Let us use our rage to fight for a better world.

woman screaming underwater

What Does Resilience Look Like?

Emma Barthold

Resilience does not demand perfection—resilience only demands that we keep going.

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