Ava Berkwits

2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellow Ava Berkwits

Ava Berkwits is a sophomore at Walter Payton College Prep in Chicago, IL, where she is involved in musical theater, the female a cappella group, and the golf team. She serves as the co-communications vice president on her local USY chapter board, and is passionate about learning, social justice, reading, traveling, and the arts. She is periodically subjected to existential crises and enjoys thinking philosophically. Ava is the loving sister of a cavapoo named Suki and a human named Talia.

Blog Posts

Pro-choice demonstration in front of supreme court

L’chaim: A Pro-Choice Narrative

Ava Berkwits

The summer of 2015, rising seventh grade me went off to sleepaway camp with an abstract sense of Malala/Emma Watson-based feminism, and a hunger to learn more.

Phonetic Spelling of Privilege

Privilege and the Chosen People

Ava Berkwits

I feel as if I won the lottery by being born Jewish, as so many of my most cherished memories and values are inherently tied to this part of my identity. As proud as I am of my Jewish identity, I’ve always been troubled by one of the fundamental ideas in Judaism: that Jews are “the chosen people.”

Gertrude Berg and Amy Sherman Palladino

Yoohoo...Mrs. Maisel!

Ava Berkwits

Gertrude Berg and Amy Sherman Palladino are two women who have brought Jews to television in completely revolutionary ways; as funny, approachable characters who are incredibly dynamic and unapologetically Jewish.

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Mind The Gap

Mind The Gap

Ava Berkwits

I know that with every conversation I have with my friends, I will walk away with a stronger, more nuanced point of view, and hopefully they will too. When engaging in respectful discourse, my ideas become bigger, and my ignorance fades.

Memorial at Tree of Life Synagogue

Rising Voices Fellows Respond to Pittsburgh

Ava Berkwits

In the wake of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooting, the 2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellows came together to reflect, respond, and call people to action. In these pieces you will find connection, sadness, outrage, courage, and compassion. You will find the strength of today’s teens who are growing up in an age of so much senseless gun violence.

The Personal is Political

Politically Personal: Personally Political

Ava Berkwits

To me, being a feminist means working to achieve equity for all members of society, confronting personal bias, alleviating institutional sexism, and prompting others to do the same. There are so many ways feminism manifests itself in my life, but until freshman English class, I didn’t even think to consider one of the most significant ways that I’m involved in political feminism.

Topics: Feminism, Schools

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