Adina Karpuj

Adina Karpuj
Adina Karpuj is a 17-year-old junior at The Weber School in Atlanta. Originally from Chile, Adina moved to Atlanta with her family when she was four and has lived there ever since. She enjoys dancing and cross country running, and is passionate about social action, Israel, and political advocacy. Adina hopes to study international relations in college and one day to work at an international organization based in Israel.

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Jill Albert

A True Leader

Adina Karpuj

Jill Albert was radiant. She had an unmatched presence that could be felt by anyone touched by her warm embrace. She had a way of making all of the girls in my troop feel welcome, appreciated and unique. But her brilliance extended far beyond our small group of girl scouts: she baked cookies for her garbage men and always had a bowl full of Double Bubble in her car to give anyone who may have been having a bad day. Jill encapsulated the ultimate role model.

Adina Karpuj and her Grandmother, Esther Rebeca Leibowich de Bortz, circa 2011

“Thinking Inside the Box”: Framing My Grandmother’s Life

Adina Karpuj

I had never taken the time to learn much about my grandmother, Esther Rebeca Leibowich de Bortz’s past. While I knew that something in her history must have gone right—she became a renowned gynecologist in Argentina—large gaps existed between each of the detailed but disconnected anecdotes that she recounted to me over the years.

My grandmother—or Bobe as I call her—and I have never lived in the same country. She was born in Argentina and has lived there for her entire life, while I was born in Chile and have lived in Atlanta for most of mine. With each of her visits, I learn more about this woman I have always been taught to revere, but in truth never knew much about. Consequently, I welcomed the opportunity to take the course, “Jewish Women in Modern America,” at The Weber School in Atlanta, where I am a junior.

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