Abigail Glickman

2018-2019 Rising Voices Fellow Abigail Glickman

Abigail Glickman is a senior at Ithaca High School, in New York. Prior to moving to Ithaca, she lived in Columbia, South Carolina where she attended a Jewish day school. At IHS, she is a member of the feminist club, the leader of the Social Justice Week planning committee, and an occasional writer for the literary magazine and newspaper. Abigail also plays varsity soccer, writes poetry, and with a grant from Sustainable Tompkins, is co-leading, Keep it Cool, Tompkins!, an initiative to study the effects of refrigerants on climate change. She volunteers at Planned Parenthood and for local political campaigns.

Blog Posts

Watercolor by Abigail Glickman

Ayin Tovah: Learning to See

Abigail Glickman

In a passage from Pirkei Avot, Eliezer ben Hurcanus recommended “ayin tovah,” a “good eye” in Hebrew, which, my teacher explained, meant judging people in a favorable light.

Book display for school social justice week

Standing for Social Justice at My School

Abigail Glickman

Every year, my high school hosts a Social Justice Week, and this year, I’m the primary organizer.

Audre Lorde, Meridel Lesueur, and Adrienne Rich, 1980

Poetry as Protest: Adrienne Rich Fought for All Women

Abigail Glickman

Rich once said, “In a time of frontal assaults both on language and on human solidarity, poetry can remind us of all we are in danger of losing–disturb us, embolden us out of resignation.” In other words, poetry has the power to express the things that unite us all as humans and can inspire us to work together toward a common goal.

Abigail Glickman and Brother

Siblings in Different Voices

Abigail Glickman

While my brother’s intention was to help me better clarify my writing, that isn’t what my mind told me in the moment. During our conversation, I became resentful of him, and doubtful of myself. I started to question the value of the ideas I wrote about, the ones that he claimed were too big and detached.

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Abigail Glickman's Shabbat Candlesticks

Lighting Candles, Linking Hands

Abigail Glickman

Before it was safe for me to use matches, I remember looking forward to the first Shabbat when I could light my own candles. Now, when I light the candles on Friday nights, I feel empowered. I feel as if my mother and I are physically bringing Shabbat into our home as we strike our matches and light our candles.

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