Abby Richmond

Abby Richmond

Abby Richmond (she/her) has worn several hats at JWA: a '15-'16 Rising Voices Fellow, Communications Intern, and most recently, Assistant Editor for RVF. A recent graduate of Columbia University, Abby currently works as a middle school English teacher in New York City. In her spare time, Abby runs a Brooklyn-based Jewish women's book club, leads creative writing courses, and hangs out with her cat.

Blog Posts

Headshot of woman with long dark blonde hair and book cover reading "Death Valley by Melissa Broder" in pink with image of eye on top of cactus

Grief is a Desert in 'Death Valley'

Abby Richmond

The poignant and often hilarious novel made me consider my own experiences with grief and (metaphorical) lostness.

Topics: Fiction, Theology, Ritual
My Last Innocent Year

Ambiguous Womanhood in "My Last Innocent Year"

Abby Richmond

My Last Innocent Year details a slippery series of experiences having to do with violence, power, and loss that alter Isabel’s sense of self and womanhood.

Thistlefoot blog post

Review: "Thistlefoot" by GennaRose Nethercott

Abby Richmond

In Thistlefoot, ghosts of the past may sometimes be difficult to confront, but feeling them and telling their stories is necessary for a more loving, meaningful world.


Bridgerton promotional image

'Bridgerton' is Frilly and Problematic, but We Want More

Abby Richmond

Based on romance novels by Jewish author, Julia Quinn, Netflix's Bridgerton leaves us wanting more.

Topics: Television
Composite Image of Jew in the City Logo with Allison Josephs.

Building Bridges: An Interview with Allison Josephs

Abby Richmond

There are extremists on both the right and the the extremist left I’m often called an apologist, by the extremist right, I’m called immodest or a heretic. There will be extremists on both sides who won’t engage in conversation because they pre-judge me, because I’m Orthodox, or a woman, or whatever.

Gerda Lerner at Sarah Lawrence College

10 Quotes from the Jewish Founder of Women's History Month

Abby Richmond
Bella Book

Here are some choice quotes on marginality, what progress looks like, and why women’s history matters, from the Jewish woman who started it all!

Portrait of Elisa Klapheck by Marlis Glaser

Painting Courage and Painting History

Abby Richmond

Marlis Glaser, a German artist, grew up in rural Germany, not knowing any Jews or her father’s previous involvement with the Nazi party. Glaser was introduced to a German Jewish woman who had survived the Holocaust. Now, Glaser has shaped her art around Judaism, and recently converted. Her colorful work includes hundreds of portraits of Holocaust survivors, their families, and other Jewish figures throughout history.

Topics: Painting
"Judith Slaying Holofernes" by Artemisia Gentileschi, circa 1614-20 (cropped).

A Feminist Hanukkah

Abby Richmond

Hanukkah is eight days long—a perfect amount of time to express your feminist values! I’ve compiled a list of Jewish, feminist-themed activities for Hanukkah—one for each day of the holiday. To be clear: these activities should be part of your life for the rest of the year, too! But sometimes it’s easy to fall behind, so without further ado, here is your recommended feminist Jewish agenda for this holiday.

Topics: Feminism, Hanukkah
Rabbi Elana Zaiman and Forever Letter Composite

Writing Forever Letters with Rabbi Elana Zaiman

Abby Richmond

Elana Zaiman was the first woman rabbi in a family chain of rabbis spanning six generations. Growing up in a traditional Conservative synagogue where women were not allowed to read from the Torah, Rabbi Zaiman’s decision to become a rabbi and forward a new iteration of her family’s legacy made her a pioneer in her family history.

Topics: Rabbis
Susan Goodman Headshot

Acting Our Age with Susan Goodman

Abby Richmond

While her life’s work is a testament to her commitment to helping people grow older with dignity, respect, and independence, Susan Goodman’s latest project is remarkable in both its scope and specificity. Currently, in order to be interviewed on Susan’s blog Acting Our Age, you must be a woman 85 or older.


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