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Ask Emma

Ask Emma

A timeless problem-solver if ever there was one, Emma Goldman dishes out life advice to 21st-century women. In her responses to letter writers, the legendary anarchist, freethinker, and feminist offers up pearls of wisdom and a no-holds-barred approach to life. Send your questions and quandaries to Emma!

Emma Goldman
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Emma Goldman writing at a desk.

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Emma on Pushy Parents, Domestic Chores, and the Fall of Capitalism

Dear Emma,

I am a student on a college campus and I too fight for women's issues (i.e., fighting how student debt impacts women more than men, sexual assault, and Title IX, and, most recently, getting our campus to supply Plan B to students in an on-campus market that is open 24/7). What advice do you have to make my work more effective?


The Gifts of Toothbrushes and Anarchy

Dear Emma,
Recently, I stayed over at my S.O.'s apartment and needed to borrow their toothbrush. They looked horrified that I would suggest such a thing and said it felt unhygienic. For me, it feels like a non-issue. It has led to a few fights so I have to ask: is it okay to expect a S.O. to be willing to share their toothbrush?

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A male Rebecca Bunch? Well, we do love our female Rebecca Bunch, but still, sounds intriguing!