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Letter from Gertrude Weil to her family, September 29, 1895

Gertrude Weil, 1879 - 1971

In this letter, written soon after arriving at Horace Mann in the fall of 1895, Weil recounts her first Yom Kippur away from home. She and her visiting mother kept the fast and attended services, although Gertrude was disappointed with the large amount of Hebrew in the service they attended.
Letter from Gertrude Weil to her family
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New York, Sept. 29th, 1895

My dear Ones;-

You see from the paper that this is written from the hotel. Uncle Albert went up for me Friday afternoon and we came directly here, where dear Mamma had company - Cousin Mattie, Edna, & Mrs. Weiner. You can imagine how glad I was [to] be here. After company left, we went down to dinner and seven swallows of water. Then began our fast, which, I truly say, didn't bother us much. Friday night, we went to schule on 65th St. We were late, I believe,

Letter from Gertrude Weil to her family
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but we got enough of it, as service was not over till half past eight. Yesterday we went about 12 o'clock & stayed the rest of the day till 6. Dear Mamma sat down stairs while Uncle Albert & I were up. I must say I didn't enjoy it as much as ours at home. For this there are two reasons - 1st, how could I enjoy it, being away from you all and home, and 2nd, there is too much Hebrew and our prayer-books were not exactly alike. However we got through very well and thoroughly enjoyed our dinner afterward. To finish the day, Mamma took us to theatre to see Nat Goodwin in A Gilded Fool. It was very good & he was fine. To-day we're in a new room - Last night we packed Mamma's things in a large basket and the maid took it down to our new room. The other was promised to some one else & the clerk wanted us to move. It wasn't any trouble,

Letter from Gertrude Weil to her family
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and our new room is just the same - I am perfectly satisfied to go back to school to-day, which I'll do after lunch at Cousin Mattie's. Mamma & U. Albert will go with me.

When I get settled I'll write you a long letter about the school - Each & every one of you, take lots of love & kisses from

Your own


Love to Norny -

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