Women of Valor


Asian Tour

Lillian Wald, 1867 - 1940

"One cannot travel as we have done without a new realization of the interrelationships of the nations. Everywhere but in Russia we had the inspiration of seeing people caring profoundly for humanity's progress, and many old differences buried as history in the past. The really vital thing is to come back with a conviction of the many big causes that we, as Americans, have in common with the peoples of all lands."

In 1910, Wald and several colleagues went on a six-month tour of Hawaii, Japan, China, and Russia where royalty, government officials, and important businessmen welcomed her. Wald saw the trip not only as a respite from her usual duties at Henry Street, but also as an opportunity to talk about her ideas and methods and learn more about other cultures. Inspired by the Japanese tradition of creating family insignias, Wald commissioned a design for Henry Street. The insignia, which translated as "universal brotherhood" or "we are one family," became Henry Street's official trademark. Wald's Asian tour increased her involvement in worldwide humanitarian issues. After her return, radicals like Emma Goldman solicited her support for causes like free speech in Japan.

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