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Dat's My Girl

Bobbie Rosenfeld, 1904 - 1969

Rosenfeld ran in her first major track meet at the 1923 Canadian National Exhibition. This was long before the advent of anything like women's sportswear, and so she had, "hunted all over town for something to wear." As she reminisced, "I finished wearing my brothers swimming trunks, dad's socks and a gym jersey. I must have looked hideous and don't you dare drag out any of those old photos."

But despite her wishes, here is a photograph of her triumph in the 100 meter sprint, awkward costume and all. Tom Eck's famous Chicago Flyers had arrived in Toronto expecting to sweep the event with a lineup that included world record holder Helen Filkey. Canadian record holder Rosa Grosse was running as well, adding further fierce competition. When Rosenfeld snatched first place from both Filkey and Grosse, she gained instant fame.

Rosenfeld later recalled gazing up from the finish line to find her father sitting on the stadium fence, banging on a piece of wood he'd picked up, and shouting: 'Dat's my girl, Fannie.'"

And by the way—that evening, after the race, Bobbie stopped by Sunnyside Park to play softball for her team Hinde and Dauche and win the city championship.

  1. Quotes in the first paragraph are from Bob Pennington, Column, Toronto Telegram 3 Dec. 1966.
  2. "Dat’s my girl..." quote is from "Bouquet for Bobbie," Globe and Mail 27 Dec. 1950.

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