Women of Valor


Vital Heritage

Justine Wise Polier, 1903 - 1987

"By dint of our heritage, our faith, the intuitive and all but instinctive reaction of the Jew against injustice or the violation of human dignity, we are committed to the battle for human freedom—whether it is or is not good for the survival of the Jewish people."

Polier was deeply moved by the Jewish prophetic tradition of commitment to justice. She often spoke of this "vital heritage" as the most important guiding force in her life.

Polier's concern for Jewish rights meant that, like her parents, she was a committed Zionist. She also served as vice-president of the American Jewish Congress, and president of its women's division. During W.W.II Polier attempted, with help from Eleanor Roosevelt, to convince the American state department to let in 10,000 German Jewish children. Mourning her failure and the lives lost, she remembered, "how fearful Jews were here, afraid of stirring up trouble that might affect their position."

For Polier, being a Jew meant she was morally obligated to speak out against injustice, even if it endangered her own life or the life of her people. Time after time she criticized American Jews for losing themselves in materialism and abandoning their responsibility to justice for "all human beings."

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