Women of Valor


Yiddish Theatre

Molly Picon, 1898 - 1992

"Many of the things we did then were alike: I was usually some sort of ragamuffin who always found fame and fortune (and a good husband). What made things click was that Yonkel knew our audience and wrote things for them. He also always included a catchy gimmick involving yours truly."

After the war, Picon continued to collaborate with Kalich to preserve the essence of Yiddish theater. In the 1940's and 50's they worked to create a genre of American-Yiddish art for an older generation which remembered Yiddish and was nostalgic for a disappearing culture and a younger generation trying to find a cultural heritage. Picon engaged audiences with crowd pleasers like 1949's Abi Gezunt (You Should Only Be Well!) and 1950's Sadie is a Lady in which she played characters reminiscent of those she played in her early years.

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