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Gerda Lerner

Courtesy Gerda Lerner

We Remember

This growing online collection contains reminiscences of a variety of recently deceased American Jewish women who made a difference in their community and beyond.

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Ann J. Lane, 1931 - 2013
Ann Lane was a bold advocate not simply for women but, even more important, for feminist scholarship.
Pearl Lang photo - image [media]
Pearl Lang, 1922 - 2009
All these years later, I realize Lang’s success was not only her performance but how she embodied connections, showing that ties between people – whether tenuous and delicate or firm and furious – are the world’s wellspring of life.
Zezette Larsen
Zezette Larsen, 1929 - 2010
As a resource speaker for Facing History, she spoke to many audiences of all ages and championed the power of education to address injustices wherever they occur.
Rebecca Lepkoff
Rebecca Lepkoff, 1916 - 2014

When she was hired to dance at the 1939 World’s Fair, she used her earnings to buy a camera on a whim. The camera became her new passion. Her artistic vision transformed from choreography of the body to the choreography of the streets around her.

Gerda Lerner, 1920 - 2013
Lerner's life experience equipped her to resist conformity—in particular, questioning the societal norms insisting that women had no history.
Marcia Soloski Levin, headshot cropped from group portrait
Marcia Soloski Levin, 1921 - 2010
Mother was a working girl when most women found their identity in motherhood and the home, but she was much more than that. She was a free spirit, supreme motivator for women who wanted to start their own businesses, and a generous friend to those causes she believed in and the people she cared about.
BJ Lifton Headshot
Betty Jean Lifton, 1926 - 2010
BJ made an amazing difference in the lives of adopted people, birthparents, and adoptive parents and professionals. She never wavered in her beliefs, and in her stand for human rights in adoption.
sallylilienthal.jpg - still image [media]
Sally Lilienthal, 1919 - 2006
Even though she wanted to turn swords into ploughshares, she wielded her own kind of sharp weapon: an inveterate (and sometimes intimidating) intelligence. She had an eye for detail as well as a sweeping perspective that always saw the bigger, more critical picture….
Rebecca Lipkin, Ireland, 2009 - still image [media]
Rebecca Lipkin, 1960 - 2009
Acclaimed journalist Rebecca Lipkin's colleagues and friends have penned glowing tributes about her storied career, consummate professionalism, and supreme news savvy. But it's obvious that she's equally revered for her warmth, inherent goodness, and sense of fun and adventure.
C-A Lopez 2000
Claude-Anne Kirschen Lopez, 1920 - 2012
I have decided it doesn’t do anybody concerned any harm for a woman to take on a worthwhile project.

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