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Jane Morningstar, 1919 - 2008

Jane Nathanson Morningstar was born in Boston in 1919 to Ida (Alpert) and Edward Nathanson. From her parents she learned the importance of community, of education, and of Jewish identity and continuity. As she took their legacy and put her own stamp on it, she instilled those values and passions in her family by her steadfast example. Her late husband, Otto Morningstar, joined her and supported her in her community activities, but Jane always took the lead. Her vision and dedication were absolutely clear and unwavering.

Sally Lilienthal, 1919 - 2006

There's no quick nor easy way to fathom the loss to the world of Sally Lilienthal's departure on October 24, 2006. She was a mover, a builder and a leader with many followers. She left the world a tangible legacy of visionary ideas that became local and global institutions.

Betty Lee Hahn, 1932 - 2006

[Denver]…Her friends and family called her "Buz"—something different, unique, one-of-a-kind. Not that Betty Lee Hahn, a pillar of the Jewish community in Denver, Colorado and beyond, needed an out-of-the-ordinary name to stand out.

The story that might paint the best picture of Buz was the one-woman revolt she staged while in college at University of Texas. It wasn't uncommon at a place like that, and in a time like the '50s, for a sorority girl to be expected to wear certain kinds of clothes and avoid certain others.

Lisa Goldberg, 1952 - 2007

Herstory - One of the most important lessons I have learned over these ten years of involvement with the Jewish Women’s Archive is that history is not an objective science, since it always reflects the prism of the person writing it. Additionally, I have found it important and fascinating to measure how the lives recorded and publicized by JWA square with our narrative—both the biblical and rabbinic texts and the underlying values promulgated by those texts.

Andrea Bronfman, 1945 - 2006

For more than 20 years, since that first visit to wintry Montreal, the three of us, Charles, Andy and I, along with many wonderful colleagues over the years, have been running together. And throughout these years, Andi and I developed a special and unusual friendship.

Shirley Bridge, 1922 - 2008

Shirley may have only been five feet tall, but she was a giant. She was a giant as a leader; as a community activist, a generous philanthropist, a wife and mother, and a giant as a friend.

Fay Rosenthal Brachman, 1921 - 2007

There was a poignant air to the Chamber Music Society concert in Fort Worth December 1, 2007. Prior to the performance, Chairman Leon Brachman thanked the audience for extending emotional support following the death of his wife, Fay Rosenthal Brachman on November 18, 2007. Both Brachmans were among the founders of the Chamber Music Society, the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra and the city's Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. The chamber music performance that December day was dedicated to Fay's memory.

Rebecca Gratz

As the founder and secretary of Philadelphia's earliest women's philanthropic organizations, Rebecca Gratz helped define a new identity for American women. She devoted her adult life to providing relief for Philadelphia's underprivileged women and children and securing religious, moral and material sustenance for all of Philadelphia's Jews.

Esther Kasle Jones, 1915 - 1994

"Mention the one thing that's most memorable about my mother?" What an impossible assignment! "Let me tell you what other people have told me about my mother instead," I said.

Rebekah Kohut honored for fifty years of communal activism

November 21, 1935

New York communal worker Rebekah Kohut was honored for 50 years of dedicated service at a gala dinner for 800, where she was presented with $50,000 to distribute to her favorite charities.


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