Living the Legacy


Workers and Their Allies, Then and Now

Unit 1 , Lesson 4

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Workers and Their Allies, Then and Now

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The goal of this lesson is to help students to understand how the Jewish textual and historical traditions encourage Jews to take action against injustice. Students will also explore the various models Jewish tradition provides for helping one another as well as for working in solidarity with those who are impoverished or oppressed. Part I invites students to think about whom they themselves would consider helping in various different circumstances. Part II introduces students to the ways in which Jews worked on Jews’ behalf in the early twentieth century and to traditional Jewish texts that support Jewish social action. In Part II, students will also see some of the different ways in which Jews have understood mutual aid and social action work over time. Part II engages students in research on contemporary Jewish and other organizations working as allies to those in economic, physical and psychological/emotional need, so that the students can discover avenues for their own social action pursuits.

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