Living the Legacy


Housewives and Consumer Organizing

Unit 1 , Lesson 5

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Housewives and Consumer Organizing

Notes to teacher: 

“Stop Action and Assess Alternatives”[1] is a technique for teaching that historical events did not unfold in a predictable or linear fashion, but rather that at any juncture during the course of the event, individuals and groups of people made particular decisions based on their interests and the situation in those moments. The point of the activity is to let students, acting in their interest groups and armed with historical background, make decisions about what action to take as the events of the May 1902 Kosher meat boycott play out in your classroom. It is important to give students the information one day at a time, so that their groups can respond to the events as they unfold.


[1]National History Education Clearinghouse, “Stop Action and Assess Alternatives” Teaching Guide, Lori Shaller,

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