Living the Legacy


Bread and Roses - Defining Basic Needs

Unit 1 , Lesson 1

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Bread and Roses - Defining Basic Needs

Notes to teacher: 

This lesson is designed to have students explore what early labor activists meant by wanting “bread and roses.” It was not enough to earn sufficient amounts of money to feed, shelter and clothe themselves and to have safe working conditions; they also wanted free time, dignity, respect and joy in their lives.

In Part I of the lesson, Big Ideas, students make personal meaning of significant words about work, life and humanity, and they discuss these ideas in Part II of the lesson. If you do not read the Introductory Essay with your students, make sure that they are aware of the time period and historical background. In Part III, students read, look at, listen to, analyze and discuss primary source documents.

The following biographies can be used in connection to this lesson:

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