Living the Legacy


Jewish clergy in the Civil Rights Movement

Unit 2 , Lesson 6

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Jewish clergy in the Civil Rights Movement

Notes to teacher: 

This lesson may be taught in one long class session, or over two or more short class sessions. If you do not have time to cover all of the material, you may want to use shorter excerpts of the documents, just focus on the Milton Grafman sermon at the beginning of the lesson, or select other parts of the lesson that you think would be most meaningful to your students, such as the optional interview with a local clergyperson.

If you are teaching at a synagogue, consider using this lesson as a jumping off point for looking into your congregation’s own history of involvement (or lack of involvement) with the Civil Rights Movement and/or other social justice issues. (Also see the board meeting activity in Jews and the Civil Rights Movement: the Whys and Why Nots.)

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