Living the Legacy


Growing tensions II: Affirmative Action

Unit 3 , Lesson 3

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Growing tensions II: Affirmative Action

Teacher resources: 

Jerome A. Chanes. "Jews and Affirmative Action/Preferences." Encyclopedia of Jewish History, Volume 1. Stephen Harlan Norwood and Eunice G. Pollack, Ed. Santa Barbara: ABC Clio, 2008. pp. 432-435. Available online (Search for "Affirmative Action")

Sharae Wheeler, "DeFunis v. Odegaard: Another Kind of 'Jewish Problem,'" 2008. Published on the Seattle Civil Rights and Labor History Project website.

Wheeler's analysis of the DeFunis case, in the form of a research report written while she was an undergraduate at the University of Washington, also features digital copies of documents related to the case, including the NAACP Amicus Brief and a series of news articles from the University of Washington Daily.

Articles that appeared in Jewish publications in relation to more recent affirmative action court cases:

Kaufman, Jonathan. Broken Alliance: The Turbulent Times between Blacks and Jews in America. New York: Penguin Books, 1988.

Dollinger, Marc. "A Different Kind of Freedom Ride: American Jews and the Struggle for Racial Equality, 1964-1975," (Chapter 8), Quest for Inclusion: Jews and Liberalism in Modern America. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2000.

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