Living the Legacy


Growing tensions I: Black-Jewish Relations

Unit 3 , Lesson 2

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Growing tensions I: Black-Jewish Relations

Notes to teacher: 

This lesson includes four components: a brief overview or review of identification between Jews and African Americans; clips from the PBS television documentary The Jewish Americans (you will need to obtain a copy of the DVD); primary source documents to be studied in small groups; and a Poetry/Spoken Word Slam activity.

If you are teaching all four components, you will need multiple class periods (or a lengthy special program) to cover all of the content and leave enough time for the Poetry/Spoken Word Slam.

Please note that the Will Maslow document included in this lesson makes several strong statements about Black Muslims. You may want to provide additional context on the National of Islam, given contemporary discourse about Islam and anti-Semitism as well as the fraught history of Jews and the National of Islam.

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