Living the Legacy


Exploring My Identity

Unit 1 , Lesson 1

Jewish Women's Archive - Living the Legacy

Exploring My Identity

Notes to teacher: 

This lesson explores issues of identity, race, and Jewishness. Therefore, the documents intentionally focus on the experiences of Jews who are not white. There are many other facets of Jewish identity worthy of exploration which are not addressed directly in this lesson.

Prior to class, review the introductory essay and the four different Document Studies. Choose one Document Study to use with your class, based on which you think will lead to the most productive conversation. The discussion questions for each document can be found in each Document Study. Alternatively, you can divide your class into four groups and have each group focus on a different document and then come back together to share and discuss larger themes. (The directions in Part II of this lesson are for using one document with the whole class, but can be easily adapted.)

The "Defining My Identity" index card activity can be done before or after the Document Study. It is designed to introduce concepts of identity to students who have not yet engaged in identity exploring activities; if your students have already done identity exploration work, you may want to skip this activity entirely.

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