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March 5, 2010

Chefs Walter Whitewater and Lois Ellen Frank
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Chefs Walter Whitewater and Lois Ellen Frank of Red Mesa Cuisine at a luncheon during the Jewish Women's Archive 2010 trip to Santa Fe.

March 4, 2010, at the School for Advanced Research in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Rachel King

The Georgia O'Keeffe museum and research center today – ahhhh. Our docent, who was terrific, told us how nice it was to lead a group that had a very different level of questions and observations than the usual calla-lily platitudes.

The museum was followed by a marvelous lunch with writers Carol Franco, Nancy King, and James McGrath Morris; and the astounding poet Joan Logghe. Canyon Road galleries this afternoon, showcasing a wide variety of artists and media.

With full brains and aching feet, we went back to the hotel for a little down time, and then it was time for a lovely Shabbat service and dinner with Rabbi Malka Druker and Cantor Cindy Freeman. They were an inspiring team, and it was a lovely way to slow down and take time for reflection following the whirlwind of the past two days.

Have I mentioned how well we've eaten? Three-course gourmet meals for every lunch and dinner. I'm glad we've been doing so much walking on this trip – I need it, after my obliging consumption of all this food!

One wonderful meal was Thursday's Native American lunch at the School for Advanced Research, catered by Red Mesa. We got a fascinating discourse on the different influences in their food by Chefs Walter Whitewater and Lois Ellen Frank – who explained that she is half Jewish and half Native American: a perfect example of the cross-cultural mix here.

About the Jewish Women's Archive trip to Santa Fe

For 100 years, artists have flocked to Santa Fe, attracted by its arid beauty and the chance to re-create themselves.

The work of those artists who are Jewish incorporates an understanding of their heritage and of themselves as modern Jews – some embrace and redefine it, while others rebel against or reject it – and with resonances that may illuminate a deeper struggle with the past than is obvious on first glance.

On this trip, the Jewish Women's Archive will explore the rich mix that uniquely defines Santa Fe and provide participants with an inside view of this fascinating community.

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Photos from Santa Fe 2010

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