Santa Fe


March 3, 2010

Rachel King

The connections have begun already.

I'm not talking about the connections between flights (inevitable, since Santa Fe is not a direct flight from the East Coast) but about the immediate, fascinating links women make with one another. Three of our Boston contingent are waiting at Logan for our first flight (which is late, making us a bit nervous about making our connection in Dallas). Within five minutes of being introduced, Liz and Rose, who have never met each other, are having an animated conversation about their career paths, home towns, children, and Jewish backgrounds. They quickly find intersections and commonalities. They are listening to each other intently, asking questions, and exclaiming over each other's stories. It is a remarkable demonstration of the interest women naturally take in each other's lives.

People from around the country have joined the JWA trip to Santa Fe for the alluring destination and the opportunity to explore its exotic beauty and culture. But because this is JWA, we also know we will also encounter smart, interesting, thoughtful women. At the same time that we are visiting a special community, we are creating one of our own.

The energy that began in the airport will suffuse the next four days. I can't wait to meet the other members of the trip, and to see what connections we, too, will make with one another.

About the Jewish Women's Archive trip to Santa Fe

For 100 years, artists have flocked to Santa Fe, attracted by its arid beauty and the chance to re-create themselves.

The work of those artists who are Jewish incorporates an understanding of their heritage and of themselves as modern Jews – some embrace and redefine it, while others rebel against or reject it – and with resonances that may illuminate a deeper struggle with the past than is obvious on first glance.

On this trip, the Jewish Women's Archive will explore the rich mix that uniquely defines Santa Fe and provide participants with an inside view of this fascinating community.

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Photos from Santa Fe 2010

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