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Primary Sources & Lesson Plans
Student Activity Sheet for Organizational Records

SECTION 1: History Today

1. Bring in a record from an organization in which you or your parents are involved, such as a school, a charity, or a religious organization.

2. What does this document tell you about this organization in terms of its

a. goals?

b. accomplishments?

c. vision?

3. What else do you want to know about this organization that this document does not reveal?

4. What sort of person belongs to this organization?

5. What might someone in the future learn about our time from this document? What mistaken impressions might someone form from this record?

SECTION 2: Brainstorming

1. What factual information does the document your teacher gave you tell you about the organization?

2. What does this document reveal about the organization’s

a. goals?

b. accomplishments?

c. vision?

3. What other information would you need to understand the historical significance of this document?

4. What did this record teach you about women, Jews, and America in the time period when it was created?

SECTION 3: Now that you know…

1. How does knowing the historical context affect your understanding of this document?

2. Does this document accurately reflect the goals of the organization? Does it misrepresent them in any way? Do you think this was done intentionally?

3. Would this document have been presented or written differently in an organization in which women did not participate?

4. What bias of yours affected your reaction to this document?

5. What bias do you think the author(s) brought to the writing of this document?

6. How did this document change or add to your knowledge of this time period and/or topic?

SECTION 4: Follow-up Activities

1. Create an imaginary organization. Write a draft of one of the following:

  • mission statement
  • fundraising letter
  • financial statement
  • minutes of a board meeting

2. Create a different record for the same organization as the one that created the document from the Jewish Women’s Archive.

Document Study Sheets

First Annual Report, Philadelphia Orphan Society, 1816

Report of the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society, 1835

Program from Jewish Women’s Congress, 1893

Flier from the Visiting Nurses Service, c. 1895

Pamphlet from an organization opposed to Women’s Suffrage, c. 1910s

Budget, Hadassah Nurses in Palestine, 1913

Campaign letter from the United Jewish Appeal, 1947

Newsletter on Behalf of Ethiopian Jews, 1984


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