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Budget for Hadassah Nurses in Palestine, 1913

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Long before Israel became a state in 1948, Jews had emigrated to Palestine from Europe and the United States. After the 1890s, most of this immigration was generated by the Zionists’ call for the creation of a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Although not united on all issues, Zionists agreed that a Jewish state must not only fulfill an ancient legacy, but also be organized along modern ideas lines. Drawing on their nation’s Progressive movement, those Americans who came to Palestine infused their efforts with a spirit of efficiency, organization, and enthusiasm.

Social welfare initiatives were particularly important to Zionist efforts. In March 1913, two American nurses and their benefactors, Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Straus, opened an office in a rented Jerusalem house under the auspices of Hadassah, the international Zionist women’s organization founded the previous year. The two nurses saw 5000 patients in their first year. Hadassah would ultimately provide the infrastructure for a modern medical system serving both Jews and Arabs in Palestine.

Like other Progressive organizations, Hadassah maintained high standards of efficiency and financial accountability. This budget conveys the seriousness of its efforts as well as its priorities.

For more on the work of Hadassah in Palestine, go to JWA’s Women of Valor Henrietta Szold exhibit.

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1. What are the Hadassah nurses’ primary revenues? What are their major expenses?

2. How do you think both revenues and expenses changed over the years?

3. How were the activities of this office a first important step for Hadassah’s widespread participation in health care in Palestine and the State of Israel?

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