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“Feminine Sports Reel,” Toronto Globe and Mail, January 10, 1941

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As both a participant and a commentator, Bobbie Rosenfeld helped topple barriers against women in sports. An extraordinary athlete who was as versatile as she was talented, she dominated track, softball, basketball, and ice hockey in Canada in the 1920s. In 1928, she won two Olympic medals in track and field.

After painful arthritis permanently sidelined her in 1933, Rosenfeld turned to coaching and writing. She became the only female sports columnist for the Toronto Globe and Mail. For 18 years, she celebrated female pioneers in all athletic endeavors and wrote with authority drawn from her own accomplishments and expertise. She used her column to advocate for women athletes and encouraged girls to participate in sports at an early age.

For more information on Rosenfeld’s achievements, go to JWA’s Women of Valor exhibit.

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1. What does Rosenfeld criticize in this column?

2. What is the tone of Rosenfeld’s criticism? Is it effective?

3. Why does Rosenfeld include the quote from Jack Milley? Why is she exasperated with thinking such as his?

4. How does Rosenfeld find beauty in sports? Does this attitude undercut her argument or strengthen it?

5. How have attitudes towards women in sports changed since Rosenfeld’s time?

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