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Barbara Myerhoff

Credit: Photograph by Vincent J. Grass.
Courtesy of Sonia Press Fuentes.


Browse this section for short profiles of some of the thousands of Jewish women found throughout We will be adding new profiles to this section regularly and welcome your suggestions for women to add.

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Gilda Radner

A gifted comedian, Gilda Radner made a name for herself as one of the original cast members of Saturday Night Live

June 28, 1946
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Aly Raisman
Aly Raisman

Alexandra “Aly” Raisman not only won gold and bronze medals for her individual performances at the 2012 Olympics but captained the women’s gymnastic team that won the gold medal that year.

May 25, 1994
Needham, Massachusetts
United States
Ayn Rand - Atlas shrugged
Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand sparked a new ethical philosophy called Objectivism with the principles laid out in her novels including the Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

February 2, 1905
St. Petersburg
Resnik, Judith - still image [media]
Judith Resnik

The second female American astronaut to travel into space, Judith Resnik is remembered for her death in the tragic Challenger explosion.

April 5, 1949
Akron, Ohio
United States
Rich, Adrienne - still image [media]
Adrienne Cecile Rich

Adrienne Cecile Rich used her poetry as a means to reclaim the voices of the silenced, drawing from her own experience as a woman and lesbian.

May 16, 1929
United States
Joan Rivers
Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers carved a place for herself among the Hollywood elite as a comedian and fashion commentator for whom no subject was ever taboo.

June 8, 1933
Brooklyn, New York
United States
Nacha Rivkin

Nacha Rivkin transformed education for Orthodox girls by utilizing new models of education at the girls’ yeshiva she helped found.

May 5, 1900
Betty Robbins cropped
Betty Robbins

Betty Robbins spent her life breaking gender boundaries in the Jewish community even before she made history as the first woman cantor in 1955.

April 9, 1924
Claudia Roden
Claudia Roden

Claudia Roden brought the delights of Middle Eastern cuisine to the kitchens of post-war Great Britain with her thoughtfully researched and inviting cookbooks and food writing.

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn

Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn has helped shape the art world both directly as curator of three art galleries and indirectly as the host of salons where artists of all stripes have met and begun surprising collaborations.

St. Louis, Missouri
United States
Roiphe, Anne - still image [media]
Anne Roiphe

A prolific journalist, essayist and novelist, Anne Roiphe is known for tackling issues of feminism and Jewish identity in her writing.

December 25, 1935
New York, New York
United States
Ernestine L. Rose
Ernestine Rose

An early feminist who inspired Susan B. Anthony, Ernestine Rose was particularly remarkable for her insistence that women’s rights and slave emancipation needed to be approached as one issue: the freedom of all people.

January 13, 1810
Rosen, Gladys - still image [media]
Gladys Rosen

Gladys Rosen created resources for educators and the wider community that changed how people approached Jewish history and culture.

August 15, 1924
Queens, New York
United States
Rosenberg, Ethel 1 - still image [media]
Ethel Rosenberg

When Ethel Rosenberg was accused of treason alongside her husband and executed after one of the most controversial trials in American history, her guilt or innocence became secondary to what her treatment said about the position of Jews in America.

September 28, 1915
New York, New York
United States
Rosenberg, Anna 1 - still image [media]
Anna Lederer Rosenberg

Anna Lederer Rosenberg was a significant political force long before becoming the first female assistant secretary of defense.

July 19, 1901
Budapest, Budapest
Rosenfeld with a Few of her Trophies
Bobbie Rosenfeld

Bobbie Rosenfeld wasn’t just an Olympic medalist, she was quite possibly the most versatile athlete of all time.

December 28, 1904
Ida Cohen Rosenthal
Ida Cohen Rosenthal

Ida Cohen Rosenthal not only created the modern bra, she helped found Maidenform, Inc. and make it the most successful bra manufacturer in the world.

January 9, 1886
Joan Roth
Joan Roth

Through her photography, Joan Roth captured powerful and unexpected images of women—from homeless women in New York to Ethiopian Jews being airlifted to Israel.

August 4, 1942
Detroit, Michigan
United States
Lillian Roth
Lillian Roth

While Lillian Roth’s career as an actress and musician was derailed by her alcoholism and mental illness, the painful story of her life made her autobiography an international bestseller.

December 13, 1910
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
Martine Rothblatt

CEO Martine Rothblatt’s fascination with interconnectivity led her to found both GeoStar and Sirius Radio, but it was her drive to save her daughter’s life that led her to create biotech company United Therapeutics Corporation.

Chicago, Illinois
United States
Vivan Leburg Rothstein
Vivan Leburg Rothstein

Vivian Leburg Rothstein’s early experiences fighting for civil rights led her to a long career advocating for peace, women’s rights, and the labor movement.

Queens, New York
United States
Ruth Rothstein
Ruth Rothstein

As chief of Cook County Bureau of Health Services, Ruth Rothstein helped Chicago hospitals create a better safety net for the disadvantaged.

New York, New York
United States
Rubinstein, Helena 2 - still image [media]
Helena Rubinstein

Selling face cream to Depression–era housewives and teaching makeup tricks to film vamp Theda Bara, Helena Rubinstein built a global beauty empire. Rubinstein worked as her father’s bookkeeper and studied medicine before immigrating to Australia in 1902.

December 25, 1870
Muriel Rukeyser - Book Cover
Muriel Rukeyser

Muriel Rukeyer’s poetry reflected her passionate activism and her belief in confronting the truth of her lived experience.

December 15, 1933
New York, New York
United States
Esther Jane Ruskay

At a time when the Jewish community was focused on the benefits of assimilation and the possibilities of ethical culture, Esther Jane Ruskay argued passionately for a return to traditional religious practice and study.

New York, New York
United States

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