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Joseph Green and Jan Nowina - Przybylski's 1936 hit, Yiddle Mitn Fiddle, was the most commercially successful musical in the history of Yiddish cinema. Starring Molly Picon, Yiddle is the story of a young girl who dresses up as a boy so she and her father can earn a living as traveling musicians. Meeting up with "another" father - son duo, the foursome join together for a romp of music, comedy and romance.

Evicted because they can not pay the rent, Molly and her father leave their home town to make their fortune on the road. As they leave their village, and wave goodbye to all that is dear to them, the two sing the Yiddle Mitn Fiddle theme song

Yiddle Mitn Fiddle
Theme Song

Over the fields and meadows,
We're wandering along.
Bringing joy to people,
In our merry song.
As long as we have music,
Things cannot got wrong.

Yiddle with his fiddle,
Ari with his base,
Just forget your worries,
And keep a smiling face.
Yiddle, fiddle, shmiddle, ho!
The world's a happy place!

A goat stands in the meadows
Bleating sadly - meh!
Hey you silly, billy goat,
To be so sad is - feh!
He holds his billy goat and says,
"Right you are!"


A bird soars overhead,
Good morning to you all!
Sadness and worries,
To blazes with them all!
So laugh at the wind,
And Yiddle rides on!

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