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JWA News Release: February 20, 2007

Beyond the Printed Book: A New Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia: CD ROM edition cover [media]

Brookline, MA — February 20, 2007 — JWA is excited to announce the launch of Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia. Edited by Paula Hyman and Dalia Ofer, this electronic encyclopedia, available only on CD-ROM, builds upon the prize-winning encyclopedia Jewish Women in America (1997), but extends its coverage of Jewish women's experiences to encompass three millennia and Jewish women worldwide. With 1700 biographical entries, 300 thematic entries and over 1200 photographs, this encyclopedia's electronic navigation capabilities offer readers thematic and visual links that enable them to draw connections across time and space in ways that would never be possible in a standard encyclopedia book.

From Astronomy, Espionage, and Nursing, to Pharmacology, Photojournalism, Vaudeville, and Zoology—this new encyclopedia is an unprecedented resource that adds new richness to our understanding of the lives and achievements of Jewish women.

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