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Temple Bombing, Atlanta, Georgia

Temple Bombing, Atlanta, Georgia

Mayor William Hartsfield with Rabbi Jacob Rothschild after bombing. Photo courtesy of The Temple (Hebrew Benevolent Congregation in Atlanta).

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The Temple (Atlanta, GA)
The Temple (Atlanta, GA)

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On October 12, 1958, the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple in Atlanta, GA, known simply as The Temple, was bombed. The bombing took place early in the morning and no one was injured. Claiming responsibility for the bombing, a voice identified as “General Gordon of the Confederate Underground” told a member of the press: "We bombed a temple in Atlanta. This is the last empty building in Atlanta we will bomb. All nightclubs refusing to fire their Negro employees will also be blown up. We are going to blow up all Communist organizations. Negroes and Jews are hereby declared aliens." The group is thought to have been targeting The Temple’s Rabbi, who was a known supporter of civil rights.

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October 12, 1958

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