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Progress and Poverty

Progress and Poverty

Progress and Poverty
.(After reading Mr. Henry George's book.)..

Oh splendid age when Science lights her lamp
.At the brief lightning's momentarty flame.
.Fixing it steadfast as a star, man's name
.Upon the very brow of heaven to stamp,
.Launched on a ship whose iron-cuirassed sides
.Mock storm and wave. Humanity sails free;
.Gayly upon a vast untraveled sea,
.O'er pathless wastes, to ports undreamed she rides.
.Richer than Cleopatra's barge of gold,
.This vessel, manned by demi-gods, with freight
.Of priceless marvels. But where yawns the hold
.In that deep, reeking hell, what slaves be they
.Who feed the ravenous monster, pant and sweat,
.Nor know if overhead reign night and day?

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