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Myerhoff Participating in the Ceremony of "Knotting-In"

Myerhoff Participating in the Ceremony of "Knotting-In"

"Ramon removed the kaunari, the sacred string, from his quiver....the kaunari was handed about in a circle, first in front, then in back of all the peyoteros. Then Ramon held the end of the string while he prayed and called each pilgrim to his side one by one. Each one knelt before him, holding the other end of the string, as Ramon made a knot, symbolizing the presence of the pilgrim on the journey, so that there was finally a knot for each person....On this occasion and for all those which subsequently occurred on the trip, he beckoned to Furst and to me and indicated that we should follow the same procedure. We joined the circle and knelt, holding the string, while he 'knotted us into the unity,' saying, 'Now we are all of one faith, of one affection, of one heart.' The others showed no discernible reaction to the extraordinary arrangement of including non-Huichols in the unity....The 'knotting-in,' Ramon later disclosed, must be done only after arriving in the peyote country....Of all that had occurred before, this ceremony seemed most important to Ramon in altering our status from that of 'men of another country, another religion, another race' to 'Huichol brothers.'"


1. Quote on Tatei Matinieri from Barbara Myerhoff, Peyote Hunt: the Sacred Journey of the Huichol Indians (Ithaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press, 1974) 151.

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