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Letter from Rebecca Gratz to Benjamin Gratz

Letter from Rebecca Gratz to Benjamin Gratz

It was a great happiness to hear from you My Dear Brother, at a time when you knew how ---- you are about the state of our country and the uncertainty that propels and agitates your community—it is hard enough here where every day our --- is of war and outrages incident to ---- . But the minds of the people are made up and their energies seem all directed to one point. While you have to struggle and keep watch over the disaffected. May God watch over the union and help those who labor for its protection. Lizze Lee and her boy left me this morning, she left her husband at ------ a week ago but she has been detained. ---- than he --- and the --- home to day taking Miss Jesuf with her, her sister Mrs. James Blair has Lee family with B-for the season, or until Washington is more quiet and safe - Henny Etting goes to sea also, , in the ---- with Boston all the other able ---- of the family are drilling in the -----

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Letter from Rebecca Gratz to Benjamin Gratz

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and --- away in the western --- Rocks --- above in all quarters. We do not know where to place -------- weeks ago—her said to return in a ------------------------- (a lot)------------------- waiting for hum, or gone by some other opportunity. I thank you my dear Ben for wishing to pay us a visit and indeed I would not have you undergo the perils and anxiety of a journey or have you absent from your family on any account. Thank God, my health is good and my strength rapidly improving—I walked a few squares yesterday without fatigue and when the weather is --- hope to resume my habit of daily exercise. Major Mordechai's family are all present and Dr. Hays not yet determined whether to take lodging on the country for the summer or a small home in town and -------- it as a hard condition they are reduced to, But they all bear it wonderfully --- considering the change. M-

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Letter from Rebecca Gratz to Benjamin Gratz

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he ---- home at W---. Our excellent nieces Becky and Sara each spend with us bringing the little ones to cheer--- the house. After the departure of my beloved Julia made is so desolate but the doomed past with the treasures of our household we dare not refine—since they were recalled by the goodness giver who be--- them -

Give my love to dear Ann and the girls—I have been so anxious to --- better --- of Bernard's health—would not a change of air benefit him—if he will come to use we will try to take care of him—have you any communication by letter with the South? It is long since we have heard from Miriam and I heard those might be ------ through Kentucky. I am grateful that we are not cut off from the comfort of hearing from you—our relations here as usual. I always desire to be remembered to you.

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Letter from Rebecca Gratz to Benjamin Gratz

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God help you my dear brother, --- with devoted affection your own Becky Gratz

June 7th, 1861

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May 8, 1861

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