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Letter from Gertrude Weil

Letter from Gertrude Weil

Letter from Gertrude Weil


116 Fayetteville Street
Raleigh, N.C.

August 4, 1920.

Let me call your attention to a few matters about which some misrepresentation may have come to you:

1. Suffragists know only the Bible that the rest of the world knows. The so-called "Woman's Bible" was unheard of until the Rejectionists told us of it. The suffrage movement is undenominational, unconcerned with religious controversies.

2. Contrary to certain scurrilous reports, the leaders of the suffrage movement, national and State, have been and are women of unimpeachable moral character, upholding the highest standards of society. We invite you to make an investigation of our views on the sanctity of the marriage relation, on the home as the basis of society, of our record of patriotic service. Take the trouble to learn the FACTS; do not trust the malicious inventions of our opponents.

3. We advocate that political discrimination against women be removed just as it has been removed against men. The Federal Government safeguards a MAN'S right to vote in any State if

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Letter from Gertrude Weil

Letter from Gertrude Weil

he meets that State's requirements. The same guarantee by the Federal Government to WOMEN would be no usurpation of STATES' rights.

4. The menace of the negro woman's vote is a figment of the Anti imagination. Negro women will be allowed to vote on the same terms as Negro men. Would you consider disfranchising the whole male sex because a few negro men vote?

5. The women of North Carolina DO want the vote. The following have said so, representing the strongest organizations of women, morally and numerically:

N.C. Federation of Women's Clubs,
N.C. Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs,
N.C. Branch of Women's Christian Temperance Union,
State Nurses' Association;

Besides, the students of the following schools and colleges, representing the education and intelligence of the young generation:

N. C. College for Women,
Meredith College,
Peace Institute,
Asheville Normal and Collegiate Institute,
Appalachian Training School;

and students in the following summer schools, representing many of the State's school teachers:

University of North Carolina,
State A.&E. College,
N.C. College for Women,
Asheville Normal and Collegiate Institute.

We ask your careful and honest consideration of these facts.

Yours very truly,


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August 4, 1920

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