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Bella and Martin Abzug

Bella and Martin Abzug

"He had this rare sense of dignity about women. I had gone out with quite a few men rabbinical students, rabbis, lawyers, dentists, and I always found a lack of real understanding. I was always an activist, even as a student; I would have a date and I'd sometimes send a telegram and say, sorry, I'm going to a conference, I can't show up. It used to drive them nuts. Martin wasn't threatened. Well, I fell in love with him....

"From the beginning, he did everything and anything to make possible what I was doing. If I had to work eighteen hours a day as a young labor lawyer, he would keep me company reading a book or typing in the room next to my office. On the weekends, he would always say, "You rest, I'll go do the shopping."

1. Entire quote from Bella Abzug, "Martin, What Should I Do Now?" Ms. July-Aug. 1990: 95.

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