Bella Abzug

Bella Abzug was a groundbreaking politician and activist who fought for justice, human rights, peace, and environmental integrity. As a lawyer in the 1950s and 1960s, Abzug specialized in civil rights and labor rights cases. She was also a noted peace activist and a founder of Women Strike for Peace. In 1970, she was elected to the U.S. Congress as a representative from New York. During her three terms in Congress, she was an advocate for women’s rights, gay and lesbian rights, and workers’ rights, championing such causes as the Equal Rights Amendment and national day care centers. Abzug also worked against American involvement in the Vietnam War and was the first to call for impeachment of President Nixon. She presided over the 1977 National Women’s Conference in Houston and served as an advisor to the United Nations’ International Women’s Conferences from 1975-1995. As co-founder and president of the Women’s Environmental and Development Organization (WEDO), Abzug helped transform the United Nations’ agenda regarding women’s rights, human rights, economic justice, sustainable development, and the environment.