Audio: Lynn Amowitz On Being a Woman Activist

In some ways, it's been easier as a woman, in the areas that I've been in. In other places it's been harder. Surprisingly, in Afghanistan it was actually easier to do it as a woman because they were very curious why a western woman wanted to deal with these issues or talk to anybody and so I got access that I probably would not have gotten if I were a man. And also, because I'm dealing with women's human rights issues, it's much easier for me to get access because in many of these societies, it can only be woman to woman, so it makes it a lot easier.

In other ways, it's sometimes harder, like in the UN system, which I think is very old world, male-run. And the UN is full of a lot of societies where it's patriarchal. So in that sense, yes, it is much harder for me, particularly as a scientist. But I've been pretty credible and I also work with a very well-known, established, credible group, so just being associated with them has raised me to a level that I would never have been raised to previously.


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