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Diane Balser
Peace Activist

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What Else She Said

Like what I said about Jewish American Princesses. I do a whole two days on anti-Semitism and Jewish American princesses, and they don't get it for a while, they don't really think it's anti-semitism, they just think it's funny. You know I say to the Jewish women: 'you come from this remarkable tradition and remarkable women who are revolutionaries, who are activists, who were some of the brilliant minds and you're left with Clueless' you know the movie Clueless, and thinking that Jewish women are materialists and that that's the essence of who we are.' Sometimes I cry when we talk about it. I say, 'you can't lose who we are.' You can't let this culture do that to you. You can't have your self-image be so distorted that you don't know where you've come from and whom you've come from. You can't have that taken away from you, you've gotta fight for it.

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