Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Pamela Cohen
Activist on behalf of Soviet Jews

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What Else She Said

They first taught me how to think, to see the difference between propaganda. There is propaganda. It came with the Soviets. So, I had to learn the differences between assurances and implementation. And I learned that. I learned, I think, from them, a tremendous sense of moral clarity. Anatoly Sharansky can say something and I understand him before the sentence is out of his mouth because I am his child. He raised me. I understand the thinking. I understand the thinking of Sakharov. I totally accept it. These people were so much larger than life to me. They were willing to sacrifice their freedom, their freedom, going into the Soviet archipelago, going into a prison camp in order to have one book in Hebrew in their home. You know how many people went to prison because they had Leon Uris' book Exodus? Do you know that in prison camp people were copying it on matchbook covers? It went from hand to hand...T here was no information [on Judaism or Israel]. They [Refuseniks] were willing to sacrifice everything for what I didn't have to sacrifice anything for

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