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Joanne Alter
Community Activist

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What Else She Said

When I decided not to run again, I took a deep breath and said "well then, this is the end," and then I thought "oh, no, come on, I've got twenty years to do something good!" And that's the point at which Americans woke up and they said "My god, what's happening to our schools? What are we doing about that?" And we looked around, and we saw that nobody was really doing very much at all except wringing their hands. I had just met this woman who was a third grade teacher in Cabrini and I said "I've got a few hours, do you want some help?" She said sure, come over. And so, I went over there, and I helped her in the school. And then one day in the elevator in our building I met Marion Stone and she said "where are you going now?" And I said "I'm going over to Cabrini." And she said, can I come too? And that's how WITS began—now we have more than 1500 tutors going into 28 schools. Thirty-five corporations participate. It's been a great ride!

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