Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Abby Shevitz
AIDS Physician and Advocate

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What Else She Said

"The way I define myself is as a person who cares a lot and tries to really show that compassion. To show people that I don't see myself as above them or separate from them, even though I lived outside Boston City Hospital. People open wide up. They're unbelievably grateful, even for ten minutes in the office. I wish more doctors did this. But they don't. Some do. I've always seen it as an important part of my job, and at home, too, letting people know that I'm available to them; open to them; that I care about them."

"I think that most people don't realize just how severe things are right around us...how horrible some day-to-day lives can be, here in the environment of Boston. I love the idea that the hospital and I personally could provide as good care and attention to people regardless of the fact that they had never known true comfort or inner contentment. I didn't have to go far, but I chose the hospital that was the most challenging."

Abby and her husband introduce the message to their son to "treat all people well, understand their shortcomings and don't penalize them for them."

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