Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Barbara Gaffin
Human rights activist with Ethiopian Jews

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What Else She Said

On the one hand, I have so much passion for this work. On the other hand, I am quite cynical about it. And has the work made me cynical? In part, I think there's a lot to be cynical with life, and it's quite a balance between seeing people's limitations and yet accepting them, and seeing all this horrible stuff that goes on around the world -- deaths and massacres. And the Jewish community plays its little, 'Oh, we have to be involved in that, but we don't have time for that,' or they always make excuses for why they can't get involved in something, and I sit back and say I'm part of the problem, too, because we all have our limited energy, and we all have what turns us on. But when I sit back and I look at the collective Jewish responses to things, it's painful. But not painful enough to make me leave.

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