Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Hanna Weinberg
Domestic Abuse Awareness Educator for the Jewish Community

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What Else She Said

The work that I do now for Bikur Holim [visiting the sick] ... I am the coordinator, which means I've divided it all into different committees. We have a transportation committee, that takes people to doctors and such. We have rental of supplies, of medical supplies. We go one-on-one to visit people either in the nursing home or in their home...We have wonderful committees that go visit the hospitals. We have 90 volunteers that go into 23 hospitals in Baltimore and outside of Baltimore, in the state.

Visiting the sick is a tremendous thing -- we have people who are ill and we bring food to them and many areas; we try to do what we can. We also have people who need money for doctors or psychiatrists or dental or whatever [and] we help them too. We just started, here in Baltimore, a fertility [group] where we actually help people going to doctors for that. It's a very expensive thing and we try to augment their bills...We do have a workshop for women who are overwhelmed with the idea of children and housework and don't know how to do and we actually go into their homes and show them how to plan a day and what to do.

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