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Marla Oros
Community Health Care Activist

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What Else She Said

The Governor's Wellmobile program is a program that was started here at the University of Maryland, School of Nursing through my department which is the Office of Clinical Affairs and it was one of the first clinical initiatives that the School was involved with and I became involved with the Wellmobile program within the first year of its development here at the School. Essentially the Wellmobile is a mobile health clinic that provides primary and preventative health care services using a nurse practitioner model of care to medically under-served committees around the State and it grew from one Wellmobile to now four Wellmobiles.

I'm really passionate about the Wellmobile since working in it because I've gotten the opportunity to travel around the State of Maryland, to see how severe the barriers to access to health care that are faced both by the urban populations as well as the rural populations of our State, and how a program like the Wellmobile that goes into communities or goes into a school or a community center can make the difference in providing care to folks who would otherwise not get it.

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