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Marla Oros
Community Health Care Activist

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What Else She Said

I have spent [much of] my career on the streets of primarily West Baltimore from being a community health nurse directly on the street providing healthcare services in the homes of families in West Baltimore, to being a hospital administrator of an inner city community hospital Bon Secours and doing their business development (which is really community health program development because of the nature of the service area). During this work I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jim Rouse -- the former Jim Rouse who as you know started Harbor Place and Rouse and Co., -- [who] at the end of his career thought that we could take a community in a country (this was ten years ago) and try and change all the systems, recognizing that it wasn't the people who were in poverty [that] were broke, but the systems [were]. And not just one system but all systems: that poor people don't just need a good school, or a good job, or access to health care and a good house, that they need all those things because it really takes all of that to make a person whole, so [what's required is] neighborhood transformation.

Sandown-Winchester was the community I had been working in, at Bon Secours, [and it] was one of the first demonstration programs in the country to try to do a comprehensive community revitalization. I met Jim through Bon Secours and was very captured by his vision of neighborhood transformation and I actually left Bon Secours, with their blessings, to join Jim at the Enterprise Foundation as a consultant. He really is a major inspiration to getting me back into directly working in the community and really trying to revolutionize how we think about systems and changing systems to be more supportive of families in disadvantaged communities.

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