Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Lynn Amowitz
Physician for Human Rights

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What Else She Said

[In Albania] I finally decided that I could no longer stand by, that as a humanitarian aid worker you always accept access for silence because otherwise you lose your access to the most vulnerable and your mission as a humanitarian aid worker is to feed and care for refugees.

But the bottom line was, again, that feeding or caring for the refugees was doing nothing to change the situation or changing this from happening again elsewhere. So I decided that I had to do something different, I had to be more active, I had to be more policy-oriented, I had to do more advocacy. But I wasn't sure how to do that.

So when I came back I started talking to people, everybody that I knew in the field┐ It ended up that I was hired [by Physicians for Human Rights] to do their human rights investigations, which actually pulled together everything that I had. It pulled together my research skills, my epidemiology, my women's health, my field experience - both from my marine biology days as well as having been in the field as a humanitarian aid worker - and it's turned out to be the most rewarding and the easiest fit for everything that I do.

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