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Marillyn Tallman
Settling Jews from DP camps post WW-II; protecting Jewish

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What Else She Said

I didn't know how to write a press release and he was very patient with me... [This was] before the war. He was so brilliant. He said, "We have to save some children." So we started a program called the Hillel Foreign Student Program and he managed to bring a few and save their lives. After the war, he said, "We have to renew the program and bring as many as we can out of DP Camps." So, he asked me if I would work with him and handle it.

Talk about a time in your life. Actually, one of my jobs was to call universities. Start with A. I don't know, the first one, start with Alabama, and go through the major state institutions and call them, sometimes speaking to the Presidents of Universities. This was the time of the GI Bill when GI's were coming back and flooding the universities, and I would just say, "The kids who have been through concentration camps, have lost everything, they're displaced persons." We asked for tuition and admission. It was almost impossible to get documents.They had nothing.

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