Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Mollie Wallick
Advocate for Gay & Lesbian Rights

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What Else She Said

The secret to being a passionate activist is being a caring person who genuinely accepts differences in people. I'm reminded of something told me by Rabbi Steven Greenberg of the National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. He proposed a blessing women recite as appropriate for all men as well. It is, and I quote, "Blessed are you, Lord our God, who created me just as you wanted me to be." I love that, and it was very moving to me, and made me even more supportive in the movement.

The life-work that really has occupied me for the last two decades has been working with gays. It was a very serendipitous thing in that a young man, a young medical student came to my office, because I counseled all students. He sat there and I had a difficult time finding any problem. He was doing very well in school, he seemed very accepted and happy, and I didn't know what his problem could be. So I offered to make him tea, and to make him comfortable, and he eventually he told me that he was gay, and he'd had just a miserable first semester because he didn't know anyone with whom he could speak about this. He didn't know anyone he could trust to speak about this with, he didn't know about any support groups. He told me there were some in the community, and he wanted to know if I would be a liaison to gay and lesbian medical students. I told him that I was very interested in doing that.

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