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Anita Weinstein
Community Advocate

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What Else She Said

I am not sure why my parents never had the words for telling us that story [the Holocaust] but I learned that story in Sunday school when I was twelve. They wouldn't make anything up, they just wouldn't address it, you know, "we'll talk about that in another time," and blah blah blah. But when I was twelve we studied the Holocaust in Sunday school and that's when I realized what had happened to Ro and Joe, and I think seventh grade with Mr. Moynenger—that was the call to action for me, I was twelve years old. He was an amazing teacher, he was also eastern European I am not sure where he was from, he spoke with an accent, and he was just an amazing teacher. And that was the click for me.

At the same time, it was during the civil rights movement in America so, I also made the connection at summer camp because the role models there were my camp counselors who were playing guitar and singing songs about "Ain't afraid of your jail 'cause I want my freedom." It was clear to make the connection between slavery and the shoah and connecting two injustices. The Synagogue was also, later, I don't know exactly when, but we were picketed at high holiday services by a group of African-Americans for someone in our Synagogue or several someone's for unfair lending practices, and bankers who had been involved in redlining or slum lords, and I really respected the stance our Rabbi took, which was to speak out about social injustice and not to excuse the behaviors of individual members of the synagogue. Even if they were in leadership positions. That meant a lot, as a kid, to suddenly be charged with injustice at home—it was one thing to see, or to read about the Sehoah in school, but also to see the injustice at home, it became a call to action.

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