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Renee Brant
Child Abuse Expert

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What Else She Said

Brandeis was a political hotbed, and so I got swept along in the tide... There were civil rights marches, there were Vietnam war protests, in the Boston area and in Washington, DC. My husband was involved in draft counseling and I got somewhat pulled into that. And then when I went to medical school... I was involved with something called the Student Health Organization, which was this radical health organization...

I felt strongly about the issue of a woman's right to choose, in terms of bearing children or not, abortions, and the kind of damage that was being done as women were seeking abortions in very unsafe circumstances. And I knew that different people in the Boston area were working on this issue but they weren't together. So during the course of the summer I took it on myself - I was sort of self-appointed - that I was going to make contact with different people in Boston who were thinking about counseling women around issues having to do with pregnancy and abortion and bring them all together and have them meet for the first time. So I got Planned Parenthood and religious groups and so forth and so my little project for the summer was to bring these people together into a coalition.

So during medical school, I had an increasing focus on issues to do with women and children. And it was during medical school that I became married and eventually, after medical school, had my own family. But I think being married and being a woman and the women's movement growing out of what was going on politically - there were all these forces that came together.

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