Exhibit: Women Who Dared
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Elana Brownstein
Student Leader and Teen Activist

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What Else She Said

I think my parents have had a huge influence on me in that ever since I was little I remember being maybe five or six years old , going to Bea Gaddy's [Food bank] in Baltimore around Christmas time -- it was probably 6 degrees outside and my brother and I were sitting there in ear muffs and big coats -- and we're packaging and sorting food for homeless people in the Baltimore community.

I think that my parents have really been supportive and tried ever since my brother and I were little have encouraged us to be active and to help out...[and] ever since middle school started, I've really felt that as a young person, sometimes we can make more of an impact than an older person can...The way I see it, as a young person I have the ability to really make a difference, so I've really tried to get involved in as many things as I can and that I have time for to be able to make that difference.

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